on another year gone by.  Today I turn 34.  Not a landmark number, but it got me thinking about things.

I was talking to my mum, and working out where we were living when she was 34 (we moved around the State a lot with dad’s work).  I was somewhat amazed to realise that I have quite a few memories of my mum, when she must have been 34.  I was about 8 at the time, so remember where we were living, family outings etc.  I remember that I thought my mum was so grown up, and…  middle aged!  Eeek!

My kids are younger than I was when my mum was 34, but even so, I find myself wondering what they will be thinking of me, in a few years.

Do I feel middle aged?  Heck no!

** thoughts interrupted to break up a fight because Mr Age 2 is walking his plastic toy cow over Miss Age 4, which she is  complaining about, loudly **

LOL – no wonder I don’t do much introspective reflection – who has time for it!

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One Response to reflecting

  1. spincushions says:

    I remember having thoughts like that – I remember my Mum’s 40th birthday so clearly & I am a bit past that now & can’t imagine me being thought of like that by my kids LOL.

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