Day to day….

How are things going with you?

We have been sooo hot here in Brisbane the last couple of days!  Quiet in the fabric shop, I think because it’s too hot to be bothered leaving your house, but busy online, so that’s good.

The menu plan has been switched around a bit because it was too hot tonight for beef casserole, so it became beef tacos with salad and sour cream instead.  Much more refreshing, and cooler for me to cook.

My knitting is slowly coming along – one row (or stitch!) at a time.  Mum and family have gone home to Cairns, so I don’t have anyone in the house to fix my dropped stitches and other random mistakes!

Naomi can’t wait to be starting Prep in a couple of weeks, she is so ready, and sooo cranky at having to be at the shop with me and her cheeky little brother every day.  Ryan starts daycare again on Thursday, and he is looking forward to that as much as we are!

So nothing thrilling here, but how is your week going?

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