52 Weeks to Simplify your Life – Week 1

I came across this challenge via another Aussie blog, A Juggling Mum, and am inspired to start the challenge myself.


The first week’s challenge is to make a list of things that went right in 2011, so here goes –

* Naomi had such a wonderful journey through a year of Kindergarten.  We were so worried that it would be a big challenge for her, but she took to learning like a duck to water.

* Despite several months of worry, Brad’s company did keep him in full-time work for the whole year.

* We successfully made a move to a city 2000 kms away from where we were, and enjoy living here.

* My business, Fabric Fusion, was ticking along quite well, and has now re-opened in Brisbane, in a bigger, better (albeit more expensive!), retail space.

* One of my sisters took amazing courage into her hands and ended an ongoing 20-year relationship that had been so abusive and bad for her and the children.  While this has caused such pain and difficulty for her, we are so grateful to see her starting to come out of herself and find the real woman she is.

I am sure that I will think of many more things, and hopefully return to edit this list and make it longer, in the next few days, as I focus on things to be grateful for, from 2011.

I am linking this up to Home Life Simplified.

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