Menu Plan Monday – Week 2, 2012

Menu planning time again!  I am feeling just slightly more in control, with a plan for each dinner.  Even if we switch around or change plans, at least there is always a back-up.  And I felt the savings doing the grocery shopping this week, already!  So here goes another week…

Monday –  Cauliflower & bacon soup with garlic bread (see recipe below)

Tuesday – BBQ chicken hot pot (we didn’t do this last week)

Wednesday – Sausage tomato casserole

Thursday – Honey soy chicken wings with fried rice

Friday – Dinner out for Miss Turning 5’s birthday!

Saturday – Thai red curry chicken and noodles

Sunday – Beef & vegetable casserole (again, we didn’t do this last week)

The soup is honestly the best meal I have in my repertoire – it uses pretty much any vegetables you have in the bottom of the fridge, the kids love it, it is quick and easy for a weeknight dinner, and even makes minimal dirty dishes!

Cauliflower & Bacon soup (the best way I know to hide extra veg in kids dinner!)

Ingredients –

* At least half a head of cauliflower – up to a full head, for more people

* 3 – 4 middle rashers of bacon

* 3 – 4 cups chicken stock (I make mine from stock cubes)

* Pretty much any other mild vegetables you have – cabbage, zucchini, onion, potatoes etc

* A clove of garlic, or a teaspoon of crushed garlic, or a good shake of garlic powder.

Method –

In a large saucepan, brown the chopped bacon and onion (if you are using it).  Add the roughly chopped other vegetables and the garlic.  Add the chicken stock and if needed, enough hot water to just cover all the vegetables.  Simmer gently on the stove-top until the vegetables are all nice and soft.  When vegetables are soft, spoon the whole lot into a blender and blitz it for long enough to make a lovely smooth creamy soup.

Serve with garlic bread, or spring rolls, or pretty much anything else you like!

I am linking this post up to Laura at Organizing Junkie  🙂


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